Is belly fat just like other fat? Of course it is however some people store fat differently than others so where we accumulate unwanted pounds can look quite different person to person.

There has been some evidence that fat gains which are spurned on by sustained high cortisol levels (stress hormone) may appear mostly in your midsection. The thing to realize is to feel well and reduce your belly area and bloat you need a combination of things.


1. First off you need to discern what foods agree with you and which ones cause bloat and sluggishness. Food sensitivities are not uncommon especially when you consider family genetic heritage. Your traits may have come from ancestors who were never exposed nor adapted to certain foods you have in your diet. Even certain types of vegetables, fruits, seeds, grains or meats may not be compatible with you. Pay attention to your reactions to different meals.

2. You will of course need to avoid eating more daily calories than you burn. An easy way to benchmark this number is to write everything down you eat and drink for a week. Make note of the portion sizes and preparation details and add up all the calories for the week and divide by 7. Now it is likely you didn’t gain or lose much weight if any in that 7 day period so the number will be your approximate daily need. This is the number to avoid going over.

3. De-stress which means you need to be active. You need activity which can distract you enough from calculating and re-calculated life issues while helping you use you lymph system to detox. You will also want to toughen up by improving strength so any and all stress has less of an effect on you in general and you sleep better as a result.


These 3 points will literally change your body and your life if you are willing to try. Forget perfection and think consistency. Keep at ALL 3 points and in time your world will completely reshape.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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