3 Part Pro-Heath part 3

In part 2 we emphasized staying active: move-rest-move! The first question which arises is if we need to move to sleep in a restful way how do we get started? The 2 part answer starts with:

“Eating for Energy”.

Digestion is very tiring for the human body and eating more than you need will cause low grade exhaustion. If you back off total calories and entertainment food your body can utilize the nutrition as energy.

When you choose to eat to provide energy for action rather than as an afterthought to make yourself feel better, things change in a big way. You start planning ahead and better avoid the pitfalls of “comfort food”.

Food can spark you and motivate you but only when it’s used for output and not as a reward. Read that sentence again if you have weight problems…then read it a few more times.

In the conclusion we will address the 2nd part of the answer: https://wefit.ca/2021/07/28/3-part-pro-health-conclusion/

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