3 Part Pro Health part 2


Being active isn’t about exercise it’s about not being in-active. It’s about the natural need your body has for plenty of physical movement everyday in order to function properly. Think “sitting is the new smoking”.

You see as important as sleep is if you rest too much during the day you won’t achieve proper sleep at night…now you have 2 problems.

A lack of mixed movement in your day (not just steps or some repetitive/steady state cardio) cause your body to break down. This type of breakdown, like reduced clearing of waste products through your lymphatic system, leaves you in a no mans land at bed time.

We need to be active and we need it to allow our inactive phase to repair properly. So how do you get and STAY active? This is where parts 2 and 3 of the trinity fit together perfectly.

Continued in part 3: https://wefit.ca/2021/07/28/3-part-pro-heath-part-3/

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