3 Part Pro-Health Conclusion

In the last instalment we discussed fuelling your need for staying active with proper nutrition habits. The final piece of the puzzle is what everything relies on…it is the foundation without which pro-health isn’t possible.

As we have said you need to remain active, sleep well and get your energy from sensible nutrition practices. The problem is if you aren’t strong your movement isn’t strong and you don’t absorb nutrients well. The result is the same as lack of movement and a poor diet…poor sleep. Poor sleep then instigates overeating and further weakening.

Aging already erodes your body thus it is doubly important to get and stay strong. This is why we separate the idea of “activity” from organized exercise. What you need is exercise focused on strength. The gained and retained muscle absorbs the nutrients which together fuel meaningful movement and it culminates in proper sleep. Strong movement makes strong sleep a biological priority.

Now you can see how the 3 parts tie together:

Get strong, feed the muscles, on comes the energy for movement that matters and then your body craves quality rest. This cycle is the key to a proactive approach to a healthy body and healthy life.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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