Self-pity vs Satisfaction

No one wants to be out of shape, some say they don’t care but that’s just self-pity. You may not feel like doing what is needed and end up convincing yourself you can’t.

Most of us want to be fit because it means feeling strong and energetic but don’t you have to be energetic to get in shape? This catch-22 feeds self-pity because it seems like you need something you don’t have to get something you don’t have. This is similar to wanting something you can’t afford and what can you do then?

To get in shape you just work for it, you literally work…out for it. It’s that simple, want energy to feel young then work your muscles to make them strong. Your stronger body feels energetic and everything is easier so you do more and more begets…more.

It really is that simple. Easy? No but but certainly very possible.

Work for it, it is satisfying on many levels.

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Be well be strong

Andrew and Tierney

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