Yes…it’s a societal problem

People are critical of each other for how they have reacted during this pandemic. No surprise it’s a very unique and ubiquitous situation.

Here is our input. We do agree it is a societal problem, we live in large groups. What concerns us is societies physical and mental conditions have been completely ignored.

Studies like this from the CDC in the US with over half a million people show that 94.9% were hard hit and hospitalized because of being out of shape, over weight and/or suffering from anxiety.

CDC article:

Fitness facilities closed – McDonald’s and the liquor store open. No public statement about nutrition and exercise for resistant and prevention just hide and be very…very concerned.

This is a huge societal problem a horrendous cultural failure and never has it been clearer we ignore healthcare and all our hopes depend on sick-care.

Be well. Be strong

Andrew and Tierney

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