Muscle Matters…

“I wish I felt like moving around more”. “I wish I could still touch my toes”. “I wish my joints didn’t ache so much”. Common complaints with a shared solution.

It is odd how few people know the key to being in shape isn’t to just try and do more it is:

“getting strong enough to do more”

It is a loss of muscle thus a loss in strength which is behind being out of shape. It feels mental/emotional but it starts with getting weaker. This weakness then represses you both mentally and physically.

It is called “sarcopenia” and starts as early as 35 years old and it is worth looking into. Age related weakening is the start of becoming out of shape and leads directly to being susceptible to disease.

We encourage you to investigate and find out how muscle matters to you.

Try our FREE and easy to follow home workout video on our home page:

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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