We love this word to describe what you get out of controlled strength sessions. To fortify means:

to strengthen and secure

Secure your body against injury. Secure your system against disease. Sure you look and feel better but this prep or “pre-habilitation” is your security against stress and aging.

You don’t need any more than an hour a week as long as you stick with it. When you stay consistent you go beyond the superficial gains and increase the security around your whole quality of life.

Strength training builds fortitude meaning you can better handle adversity. Your fortified body will be increasingly protected from discomfort and pain.

It’s win-win you reduce your bad stress with the good stress of exercise. A stronger you is a better you – fortify your health and fortify your future!

Try our FREE and easy to follow home workout video on our home page:

Strong regards,

Andrew and Tierney

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