Has Fitness been Framed?! Part 2

All your life you have been inundated with what it “looks like” to be fit rather than what it “IS” to be fit. Doctors say “don’t do this” and “here I’ve prescribed you that”. The reality of what to do, how and why isn’t particularly sellable or simple.

What is simple is clearing away the noise. The key is to see and remind yourself of one thing:

Drift – a spectrum exists on either side of supposed ideal fitness. True ideal is individual.

Look at these different body types. Superficially “ideal” is dead centre for males and off to the left a bit for females, reality is drift to either side. Ideal is actually 3 – 6 in both cases.

Why? Because it’s starts with personal genetics.

Health and fitness actually has very little to do with looks or even performance. Some people can just run faster than others. Basic exercise and nutrition is about improving your natural weaknesses and allowing your strengths to be preserved.

If we could educate the medical community on this then perhaps they could promote it to their clients rather than always just patching together their patients.

We are paying a high societal price for the general lack of fitness. We need to educate and change priorities, the steady downward slide is literally choking the life out of modern living.

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Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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