Exercise and Kids

How do you instil a basic healthy habit of regular exercise in your kids? It’s really quite simple but most people seem to overlook the simple.

Kids like to move around quite a bit though some more than others. They all try to be physical to varying degrees. One thing all kids can relate to is getting hurt. Framing exercise as a way to get hurt less when playing is a very easy concept to grasp.

It is 💯 percent true that exercise is for injury prevention so it’s a comfortable concept to share with kids. They all know injuries are no fun and often wonder how to accept it as a possibility in having fun being physical.

If you take the pressure off exercise “being practice to be better” and refer to it as helping avoid injury it gets accepted very easily. It becomes something they can do when bored and not sure what play they want to engage in. Over time it becomes a life long – life saving habit!

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Be well be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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