Strength and sanity part 4.

You can see thus far that when you want to build strength you are going to, pardon the pun, need to take a strong stance on what you think about yourself and the process. This is dramatically compounded by the fact that this must be repeated at regular intervals and hopefully for quite a long time.

What we see is a somewhat “sink or swim” behaviour going on with our clients. The majority successfully swim but it is never 100% smooth sailing. This means that with the workouts comes a workout for your feelings and thoughts. Why am I doing this again? What are my goals? An so forth.

Each challenging moment in a quality workout should carry with it the affirmation that you no longer accept the weaker you. Not in a negative way beating yourself up but by consistently reaffirming that you want more for yourself. This in turn makes it far easier to know multiple things including but not limited to:

– feeling the byproduct of caring for yourself

– experiencing and sharpening your ability to focus and concentrate on a difficult task.

– seeing proof of your perhaps untapped but inherent abilities (potential)

Continued in part 5

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