Strength and sanity part 3.

In parts 1 and 2 we laid the ground work or you could say “set the stage” to address the possible sanity strengthening effects of our type of exercise. The crux of this rests in the need to make a tough decision about taking on a challenging task and seeing it through.

When you decide to stop accepting where your body is at and improve it opens you up to finding out more intimately what is going on with you. Furthermore to make more than superficial changes opens you up to the reality of the effort which will be required to see things through.

We call this the “mental mirror” effect and it can be just as challenging as the standard reflective surface we know so well. Moreover each rep of each set and each workout is a face to face with a deeper you. This is the part of you hidden because of distractions but which eventually boils to the surface.

Continued in part 4:

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