Strength and sanity part 5 Conclusion

In this series we have concentrated on looking at the mechanisms by which strength training could also strengthen your sanity. This considering your brain and feelings must be challenged as much as the rest of your body. Does this translate into improved emotional and mental health? Here is our final argument.

Though you may not think your mind is as directly challenged as your muscles consider the following. When your little workout is over it’s over for the muscles. Your immune system then takes the helm to make you recover and hopefully adapt in a positive manner. For your mind the memory and the anticipation of the next workout continues on.

You will feel the worked muscles and remember the intensity. You will imagine working for further progress in the next session. More importantly you will know the positive side effects of this proactive healthcare. It then permeates the rest of your time where decisions about doing or not doing something exist. It becomes a leading influence in your choices and point of view…it confirms that you can defend yourself and increase your capabilities.

Bottom line it isn’t crazy to think that getting stronger makes it more certain you can’t be rattled and that you can increase your ability to handle stress.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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