So here we are in part 5 and we have discussed how you need to separate things like who you are from what you can do. Also to understand that you can sometimes get the wrong impression about who you are and what you are capable of. The question still remains though – what to do? More to the point how can you differentiate right impressions from wrong?

To make and follow a successful diet you need to know one basic thing…it’s ok to be a bit hungry. In fact it’s good hence the old adage “stay hungry” meaning stay sharp and on point. When you’re a little hungry you are focused and driven. The thing is if you become overwhelming hungry then something has gone wrong and there needs to be a gentle but solid correction. What is surprising is the same goes for seeing your appetite dramatically reduce.

You must always be wary of losing hunger on a diet. The fact is you should always wake-up hungry and ready to forage/hunt. This is natural and when that is gone it means you have over or under consumed. To differentiate goes back to many of the details in our last few series of diet posts. It all comes down to making small sensible changes and noting results. You never stop trying but you avoid impatience. You look to stay a bit hungry because you are eating less than normal but you do not starve yourself!

Diet glue is made of the allowance for many small failures and taking time to learn. This will make the good things stick and the so called “bad” things fall away.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney


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