So far in this series we have impressed the importance of seeing a separation between the things that confuse our diet results. The main confusion during dieting is too much AND too little hunger.

The popularity of quick fix “cleansing” is because when you dramatically restrict food your body reacts chemically in a manner to save you. You receive adrenal based energy which also temporarily reduces your appetite. As well you receive a mild amount of “positive feeling”chemicals to help you want to find more food rather than rest until more nutrition becomes available.

What we see as fitness clinicians is very dangerous. Overtime these short lived quick fix stints train your mind, body and behaviour to do the opposite of what it needs to. It trains you to allow overeating because you remember it sort of feels good to heavily restrict later on. It feeds the lie that it is ok to binge and purge…it isn’t. In fact it tends to inflate addictions and self-image problems over time.

Continued in part 5 “the conclusion”:

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