Diet Glue Part 3.

What we have been saying so far is people start at different points but we can all change what we do, it almost sounds too simple on the surface. Peoples bodies will all react similar to changing how they eat. How much a person may react and at what pace will vary.

By example; often when people feel hungry they aren’t actually lacking calories but they are craving carbohydrates. Their blood sugar levels could be low for a variety of reasons. At other times often people on a diet don’t feel hungry at the times they usually would be. This can mean they have eaten too little and their body is releasing chemicals to temporarily make up the energy deficit. The side effects of these chemicals are short term appetite suppression.

In both those cases if one was to “go with” those feelings the results will ruin a diet. This can confuse you and make you wonder if there is something mysteriously wrong or that maybe you are just incapable. There is nothing mysterious some of it is just counterintuitive and in the big picture everyone is capable.

Continued in part 4:

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