Diet Glue Part 2.

As we mentioned in part 1 people wonder why some succeed yet they fail. First off you are not alone the majority of people fail when dieting. Rarely do people succeed, this is for 2 reasons. First it is a very misunderstood science and second there is huge money in people succeeding short term and failing long term.

What you need is to separate who you are from what you do. Your body as it is the moment you start the diet, is your starting point. Your genetics and how they have expressed themselves over the years is what you have to work with…period. Separate this entirely from your habits. What you do is nothing more than a pattern built from years of “reacting” to your circumstance.

The pace at which a person changes may seem to vary person to person but only in small timeframes like weeks and months. Over the long term people either get and stay in shape or not. It doesn’t matter – long term – what your pace looked like. You either succeed or not.

Continued in part 3:

3 Replies to “Diet Glue Part 2.”

  1. Jacquie Doucette says:

    Definitely agree with this part – “over the long term, people either get and stay in shape or they don’t.” And that has to be, at least in part, due to the type of person they are, in terms of self-discipline.

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