The “Start” line part 2

In part 1 we emphasized:

to get in better shape you don’t just show up at a race and run until you drop.”

This is what most people try, going in head first often attaching themselves to the latest fad and doing as much as they can until…they can’t.

It just doesn’t work because being strong means staying strong and to stay a certain way requires sensible devotion. Our experience as personal trainers has shown us that sensible devotion is all about the “get ready”.

The get ready consists of:

1. A written description and schedule of what is to be done.

2. Telling those who know you what you are doing and asking for assistance with accountability.

3. Knowing upfront what will get in the way of your workout appointments, eating preparation and proper sleep patterns.

We used the race metaphor in part 1 because we want you to learn that each workout, each meal and each nights sleep IS your race. If you are ready you will complete each race…IF you show up ready your health will win.

Be well, be strong…be ready!

Andrew and Tierney

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