The “Start” Line part 1

Did you ever notice that almost everyone who makes it to the start line of a race…finishes? This is because they have prepared and completing the race matters. You see it through to the end. You improve as a result of the experience, feel good about yourself and know what you want to improve for the next race.

The metaphor is solid – the real secret to pushing yourself to change is doing what it takes to show up ready at the start line. Getting in better shape isn’t about the race to the finish line it’s about showing up prepared and the “get ready” starts way before the countdown and the “go”.

The get ready is all about the basic homework, writing it down, keeping records, making it real by telling everyone and asking for help with accountability!

This year we want people to learn that to get in better shape you don’t just show up at a race and run until you drop. To get in shape you devote your self-worth to the actual back room business of crunching the numbers and making it fit your time and energy budget.

Want to get strong and fit? Each effort is a race…show up ready.

Readiness: continued in part 2:

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