Help your Doctor!

It may not be surprising but we find it astounding…literally astounding how little most people know about their body. You are 100 % affected by and dependent on your body but humans tend to live only in their head.

You live in and because of your physiology yet know little or nothing about digestion, muscle function, insulin resistance or cardiovascular/cardiopulmonary health. This may be fine for your car or computer but it is ridiculous with regards to your physical nature.

There is so much quality and easily accessible information. We of course highly recommend Body by Science and anything by Doctor McGuff ( ) but even just basic physiology info is worth it’s weight in gold. A simple, logical understanding of how your various systems interact is incredibly powerful for relating to yourself.

Nicely described overview

We tend to both blame our Doctors yet often have an over dependence on them. Why are my energy levels and moods the way they are? What can I do to offset symptoms of aging? These questions just cannot be properly answered for you if you don’t know what you are.

Be well, be strong…be informed,

Andrew and Tierney

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