Do you care about the New Year!?

It’s interesting year after year we continue to hear:

“How can less than an hour of working out each week do any good!?”

Our answer remains unchanged:

“Our clients have completed about 50 hours of intense exercise this past year…how about you!?”

Our point was NEVER to be sarcastic. Our answer is to clarify an overlooked issue using straightforward math. The subtext of which is two fold:

1. Consistency and quality matter…quantity doesn’t.

2. The significant benefits of exercise occur over the long term not the short.

This new year rather than trying to figure out how to start something new for your health let’s get smart. Let’s try to figure out how to finish the new year having actually accomplished your goal.

Best to all, be well and be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

2 Replies to “Do you care about the New Year!?”

  1. Cathy Hendry says:

    Fabulous email!!!!! Especially last sentence of last paragraph 🙏

    Happy New Year to you both :)


    Sent from my iPhone


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