The “Best” policy

With the overwhelming number of opinions you crash through daily it’s time to wrap it up, pardon the holiday pun.

You can use the information inundation as an excuse to ignore things because it feels better than getting swept up and tumbled in the flow but here’s a summation from us you may find useful.

“Just do your best”

We know, on the surface it seems simplistic which is why we don’t often talk this way but the point is actually clean and unencumbered.

In our Ottawa personal training studio we want less doing and more doing it right. Your best efforts matter in getting in shape and the rest just drains your time and energy. This approach is both effective and helpful in the rest of your life.

Doing your best is what stimulates an adaptation for the better. In exercise it is what tells your body to change and improve and the same goes in everything else in life. It doesn’t mean miracles suddenly appear but often it will feel that way when you see your improvements accumulate.

Honesty may actually be the true “best policy” but we’d like to see doing your best take a well earned seat right along side.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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