Every one understands that lifestyle choices have long term implications. It is the norm to turn down the “care” volume to avoid worrying. The compound concern is external things can crop up unexpected. Accidents happen and even disease can be unpredictable.

Humans are resilient though, we can use our intellect to discover and implement solutions. Problems which may often appear insurmountable at first become scalable as we chip away at them.

This is precisely what we do at our Ottawa personal training studio. No miracles just consistent chipping away…getting strong and staying that way. Oh sure…sure that’s our sales pitch right. Listen, ok maybe thats part of our personal pitch but it doesn’t change that it is also our advice.

Normal means typical and isn’t written in stone. You can choose to shape normal and often all it takes is getting out of your own way. Less mind games and more just chipping away. When you allow yourself to admit that your priorities may need to make room for keeping your body strong…things begin to fall into place.

Normal is ordinary, commonplace and habitual so why not make certain yours is fit, prepared and confident.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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