Stop Reacting…

Your electronics break and the mileage on your car accumulates and even if you repair and care for them they are eventually replaced. The thing is – you aren’t your cloths, you aren’t your furniture so why do people treat themselves this way?

Up until recent generations we tried to create and own things which could stand the test of time. As manufacturing became easier we moved to a “react and replace” culture. Good or bad the result is now ingrained in medicine.

All of the money and development has gone into reactive healthcare. We may have amazing electronic communication and brilliant life saving procedures but what about longevity and for goodness sake..what about quality of life!?

Life may on the surface appear easier but is it actually better? Has life expectancy already peaked? If your life is more predictable and less laborious is it actually better?

These are personal questions to answer but we can share one clear thing:

If you make your body strong everything IS actually easier and possibly this encourages you to do MORE with the time you have. When you are Pro-Active your health and quality of life becomes a friend not a foe.

If you want things to “look” better change your cloths, your toys or your surroundings. If you want things to “be” better get strong and stay strong.

Andrew and Tierney

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