There is NO special diet, humans survived and evolved by adapting as best they could to whatever they could get. Your best nutrition is that which suits your body to maintain its “Stamina and Strength”. You can fine tune your eating but if you aren’t strong it won’t matter. To get strong you must understand:

Movement is not in and of itself exercise. This even though basic regular movement is essentially to ‘maintaining’ health.

If you wish to have healthy stamina and strength you must ignore evolutions cruelest priority. Evolution works to eliminate all but those best suited for present day conditions. It’s a tough concept to digest, please read that last sentence again.

In other words:

“The real purpose of exercise is to make it possible to keep you moving to keep you from eroding by developing robust Strength and Stamina. Real exercise is technology to adapt and out maneuver the momentum of evolution and time”.

Let nature do its thing and wind you down quickly as you lose lean muscle mass and retain fat OR find out. Find out about eating and how it relates to you personally while consistently exercising for strength. Then you can worry about tweaking your look, your hair…your cloths.

Pick your fun sports/activities and for goodness sake YES keeping moving! Just remember for your movement to matter you must be physically strong. You need to care for yourself like you would a loved one. The alternative is being selected for degradation.

Nature is natural in a sense but it is indiscriminate, and it will impose itself. To truly face this you have one of the greatest evolved capacities – to think clearly. You can accept yourself as you are right now, right where you sit and make a decision to be fit. You can and should think clearly and do what is needed to adapt to a lifestyle of strength.

Strong regards,

Andrew and Tierney

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