Your body chemistry slows your metabolic rate and increases your ability to store adipose tissue (body fat) in direct reaction to continues physical activity. The same goes for sustained calorie reduction. You cannot fool your system, you can sometimes trick it short-term but it won’t forget and standard diets increase problems over time.

Trying to shrink your body by flitting around and eating like a bird will, in 99.99% of people, worsen your physical condition over time. Join whatever latest craze “resonates” with you. Eat in a “special” way and go all out then check back with us down the road.

Those images you see of really fit types pushing radical exercise and diet schemes? Rare genetics, starvation tactics and in way more cases than you ever imagined…drugs.

Just pay closer attention if you step back you will see not just implants, make-up, tans and lighting but extremely rare physical traits popping out like the secrets are now for sale… it’s all an illusion.

There is NO escaping the truth – you are built on every level to be as fat as possible to fight starvation. No amount of head games, denial, drugs, surgeries let alone budget basement fitness fads can change human physiology.

You are hard wired to your core(tex) to rest whenever possible because for 99.99% of the time humans were evolving we faced extreme adversity. Thankfully the wild unpredictability of nature has been met with the development of one true(ly) amazing human trait – adaptability.

Continued in Part 4.


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