Are common sense solutions and down to earth ‘natural’ thinking being ignored? Maybe people are just too darn lazy! No one wants to be unhealthy, unattractive or overweight. Personal responsibility matters IF you have the real facts…so here they are. Care to refute us? We are more than willing to discuss with anyone in an open and recorded forum.

In the truest sense, millions of years of evolution dictate ALL the primaries of health and wellness. It is completely counter to and against your basic inherited, genetic- DNA based traits to restrict calories ESPECIALLY carbohydrates. It is also entirely counter to your genetic, DNA based traits to NOT make physical tasks easier whenever and wherever possible.

Even those who get a ‘kick’ out of eating lean will 99% of the time receive subconscious backlash and most often fall off the wagon. Even those who get a kick out of being physically intense will 99% of the time suffer from over use injuries.

Want to know what’s natural? Over eating followed by doing nothing is 100% natural.

All repetitive activity becomes less costly, calorie wise, over time. This happens 100% of the time no matter what you do. You can abuse your adrenaline glands all you want but it won’t change the facts. Even your fight or flight cortisol blunts your insulin sensitivity and your body blunts your efforts to run from body fat.

You can try to strangle your body issues but the real solutions will slip through your hands. You can subscribe to all the so called nice or extreme fitness schemes you want but age and genetic traits rule at the end of the day.

What is one to do?

Continued in Part 3:


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