The Terrific Truth…a WeFit Opus Part 1

*Warning the title is tongue-in-cheek in that the word terrific was originally (historically) intended to refer to terrifying.

We read so much of what we call “nice-nice” talk about eating clean, moving more, alternatives to junk food and ideas to get exercise gently into ones life. There is so much of this out there we often feel “niced out”.

At the other end of the spectrum we see so many ripped/aggressive fitness fanatics that at times it makes us cringe. It is tough to deny that the media is soaked with good looking fit people but if you put your phone down for a minute in public and really look at each person around you…all of them one at a time for at least a second or two…the facts are rough. Out of shape is the norm and it is proliferating in all age groups.

If you take some time to compare the increase in joint damaged, low energy and auto immune disordered people to the amount of fitness fads and fitness marketing out there you may begin to wonder. Why as the number of answers grow aren’t the organic, gluten free, detoxing, fat blasting cardio solutions lowering the numbers of those suffering!?

Are there answers and is there honest hope? We think so…

Continued in Part 2:

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