Embrace the burn…

Online exercise stuff is always fast paced, exciting, explosive even circus like. The performers have great bodies so it makes for a easy equation. “Train like this to look like this”. The fact is though what you see is genetics at best and risky behaviour at worst.

Listen we know everyone likes to ‘feel’ like they are training hard and getting athletic type effects. So if you want to use the feel as a barometer how about trying a slow reps protocol.

With slow reps the lack of momentum and body sway cheating makes things sizzle right from the first rep. When you don’t use the elastic bouncing action of your tendons to move load you have to work with just muscular ability alone. This puts a huge metabolic draw on your system as every second of exercise is maximized.

What do we mean by slow? Try some push ups (even knee push ups) taking 8 seconds in each direction. You will quickly ‘feel’ the effect.

Why don’t most people exercise this way? Well first off many do (see: Body by Science http://www.drmcguff.com/ ). Second in doesn’t translate that well to grabbing attention on social media and third…because it really is quite tough especially if you don’t want to accept the burn.

We could go on about safety, efficiency and honest examples of strength but suffice to say you need to experience it first hand and make up your own mind.

Be well, be strong.

Andrew and Tierney

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