Exercise…few have a life long program…why? Most people are interested and know well the serious benefits. Why aren’t people following basic weekly exercise programs?

It isn’t difficult to find time especially when you consider that even once or twice a week direct/intense exercise makes a huge difference especially compared with none and when you view in years rather than weeks.

It isn’t expensive when you realize all the options out there to fit any budget, so I guess most people are just plain lazy and deserve the weakness and illness they are bound to face right?

Is it possible that there is something else in the going on here, related to a sense of letting oneself down for not having preserved ones fitness?

As personal trainers we have paid close attention to motivation and perspective and have discovered something interesting:

A large majority of folks wish they had a strong natural motivation to workout and feel that theirs seems to have let them down.

We turn it around like this – Everyone has different abilities and knowing yours and being honest about them is prudent. If you want to be able to speak in a second language you would examine the various resources available choosing the one that fits your lifestyle while getting the results you seek. You can and should stop ignoring your fitness but also stop expecting to be able to ace every exam just with natural ability alone.

Find help, accept help…you might be surprised how natural it feels.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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