*Escape the New Normal…

We usually talk unfavourably about escapism because running from a problem isn’t our style. The thing is when your lack of physical fitness has you trapped sometimes escaping is all you want.

It makes sense to differentiate running away from your problems and climbing up and out of them. Building strength in the body is building strength in your…do we dare use the word…soul.

There is nothing wrong with formulating a plan to just drop the places and things which hold you down and make change seemingly too difficult to manage. Saying farewell is never easy even when you know you should be stopping the cycle of energy erosion but breaking out is often the only way.

Freedom isn’t free and it requires nurturing and the kind of courage that only comes from planning, patience and effort.

Be well, be strong…break free.

Andrew and Tierney

*Special thanks to Jay Sanky [https://www.jaysankey.com ] It was his brilliant post on IG [@sankysays] the other day which inspired today’s blog.

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