A New Day

Your morning start is a tell all about your strength and fitness. You are at your most rested in that you haven’t had to move for many hours. When your body is strong this is when it is most ready to act.

Your readiness allows you to regroup and build new momentum. Being in shape see’s you wanting to get engaged and even looking forward to testing your strength with unforeseen challenges.

When you are out of shape your body tends to cringe at getting going. Weakness inhibits your desire to engage and enjoy living. A lack of strength leaves your subconscious wondering if it can handle the day.

The results are either a confident settled feeling in the early morning hours or a nagging sluggishness and even ungrounded nervousness. You may be surprised just how much of your mindset and mood are driven by this.

Be well, be strong and enjoy engaging with your day.

Andrew and Tierney

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