Keep Calm…Stay Strong.

There is a notion that at our Ottawa personal training studio we are wildly wielding weights in the eternal pursuit of super hero strength. It’s actually the opposite. The smart way to exercise is in a compact controlled manner – target your weaknesses, bring your body into balance and don’t do more than you have to.

The thing is real strength, as it relates to overall health and fitness is a truly calming element in the lives of our clients. When you body receives the kind of exercise stimulus it is designed for it relaxes afterward as a direct byproduct. Your muscles and bones move and stretch as they are loaded then relaxed. It makes the mind-muscle connection between your “fight or flight” state verses your recovery state much easier to sense and thus gain control of.

When you base your exercise in strength rather than just repetitive motion you get more than tired you become more grounded. By this we mean you gain more than a temporary effect as you are actually building something. This something is a quiet calm, a calm which is unwavering and provides permanence to your physical state.

Certainly you may at times become “calm like a bomb” ready to use your strength if called upon but as you grow stronger you move beyond the superficial and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from a tuned capable body.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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