Freeze or Thrive

Look how fast summer passed…now take that and rather than being negative use it to understand how soon spring will arrive. The Covid19 crisis has scared many and made many others angry, we have all been affected. This can either be a long difficult winter or the perfect opportunity to dramatically improve your quality of living.

You can flop into spring more out of shape, tired and stress soaked or you can arrive rested and strong ready to soak in the good weather. It’s just a choice. With less places to go and restrictions on activity it is a fine time to commit to strengthening your body through and through.

If you can’t find it in yourself to care about your health in 6 months then you will get what you asked for. That is the honest reality of the situation. You have a choice to get strong but you do not have a choice to get weak. Aging and stress will…beyond any doubt…weaken you. It will weaken your energy and your attitude but it isn’t inevitable.

The strength training lifestyle see’s people enjoying a vibrant life full of positivity well into their 90’s – people who have been through much worse than the present pandemic. It is as they say…what it is. You can take this seasonal cycle to double down and fortify your ability to live or you can speed the process of the downward slide. Time will pass unabated while you freeze or thrive but the choice is in your control.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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    Amazing email 🙌🙏

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