A & T’s Arm Attack!

The point here is to find a relatively uncomplicated thus easily executable format that flows smoothly and doesn’t feel clunky. That is to say, when working weaker traits, over time, a person can become inhibited even if they don’t notice it. They just naturally get discouraged and the nervous system commiserates so to speak. You can choose any two arm exercises. Choose exercises that you feel…bring out the feel of your biceps and triceps contracting.

The point here was to make the routine short so it could be intense with becoming mentally overwhelming. It needed to stay heavy because poor responding muscles tend too ‘want off the hook’ with regards to load. It also had to have decent density of work as in plenty of time under tension but all within a short workout.

The trick is to pick weights which you could normally perform 15 strict reps with but no matter how hard you tried (without cheating) you could not get 16. You start with 10 reps per exercise and keep going back and forth between biceps/triceps subtracting a rep every time. The reversal of joint action (agonist/antagonist) helps keep the muscles working at high output by relaxing and flushing our the opposing side. Furthermore your brain releases a muscle relaxant like substance which helps you continue to move easier.

So 10, 9, 8, 7… all the way down to 2 reps – then stop and dramatically increase the weight! Increase by at least 50% and perform 1 strict rep – as you lower the weight back down you stop and hold in the middle of the range of motion. You hold for a few seconds then try to lift back up to the top. If the weight is heavy enough you won’t be able to lift more than an inch or two and then you will need to lower it all the way down but do so under control and you are done!

Have fun, be well be strong,

Andrew and Tierney


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