Save Yourself…

Ok what alarmist talk is this? Just give us a minute and see if this makes sense to you.

Much like modern politics the world of health and fitness is disintegrating into a popularity contest full of promises and inferences of saving you from what you hate and are afraid of. Supposed fitness experts demonize certain foods and promote fads much like politicians blame the opposition and try to pitch impossibly wonderful sounding solutions.

It has always been our philosophy that we are not here to save you from your poor condition but to provide experienced help to save yourself should you choose to accept it and do what is needed.

Be wary of offers that sound a bit too good to be true. Be careful with claims of how easy and quick something works to supposedly save you from a perceived threat.

Time has taught us the only overarching truth/fact about heath and fitness is consistency and commitment. Maintaining this over time is and has always been the answer to being strong and staying fit.

At our Ottawa personal training studio we cannot, in good conscience, pander to the public. You have to show up and show up ready to try. This is what creates incredibly positive change not some secret scheme. You have to want to save yourself from eroding health and the ravages of bad habits.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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