Possibly the post that will finally change things for you…

We recently saw the video below and in 60 seconds it communicates a lifetime of our experience in health, strength and fitness. Have a look before reading on.


It comes down to that single moment and that single word “commit”. When you know you want and need something like what we do at our Ottawa personal training studio but continue to feed avoidance and denial it comes down to that one word.

When you figure out why you won’t commit to yourself you break through all barriers. When you commit, the hard days and the easy days balance out. The moment you commit is the moment your momentum ignites.

Watch that 60 second video again…she knows. She knows the moves, she knows how to bail using a knee or side slide if she loses trajectory for a moment. She misses the landing the first time then nails it the next. She knows it isn’t about worrying about how the future unfolds it’s about committing in the now.

This 12 year old can teach you one of the biggest secrets to finally getting your body and health together inside and out. Remember a synonym of commit is fulfill. To fulfill your need to be strong and healthy is likely the most important commitment you will ever make.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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