Victims and survivors

It sounds dramatic but life, health and living isn’t always easy. Reality is we all age and most of us aren’t born with superhero genetics. Is there a key to living well and aging well? We think so and we think it hinges on outlook.

You wake up and go everyday and then later in the day you are tired…simple right? Mental and physical activity both fatigue you but they don’t have to wear you down. The cycle of action and recovery are completely natural. The issue is most people see becoming tired as a negative rather than a positive and earned state. When things get truly hard there is a choice to make.

It’s all an attitude, if you allow yourself to feel victimized you develop the habit of avoidance and seeking comfort. If you nurture a survivor demeanour you take the ups and downs as food for strength.

The fact is living isn’t easy and spending too much time and energy trying to make it easy actually backfires overtime. Things feel easier if you are strong and more adept and you get that way from building on challenges. Avoiding strengthening yourself makes everything feel progressively more uncomfortable. Eventually just getting off the couch feels negative.

The foundation of how we coach at our Ottawa personal training studio is embodied in that simple word “survivor”. We would never suggest life can’t be so tough at times you have to regroup but choose to be a survivor…a victim will only be further victimized.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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