Why such heavy weight!?

A common question people have is why do we promote relatively heavy weight exercise over lighter higher volume exercise? Why do we think heavy controlled lifting is more important than lighter sweat inducing “cardio” type exercise?

Let’s address one fundamental and monumentally important fact of your health. That is the nature of your bones! Your skeletal structure is every bit as important as your say your heart and lungs. In fact an argument could be made it is more important…follow.

“Examples of recently identified interactions of bone and immune cells include the findings: 1) that cells related to osteoblasts, which form bone, are critical regulators of the hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) niche from which all blood and immune cells derive”


Bone density problems are now as common as sarcopenia (age related strength loss) in folks as young as 45. The weakening of your bones means the weakening of your immune system period. It is a well established fact that only truly heavy controlled weight lifting builds and preserves your bone density.

So it really is simple, the reason we promote heavy controlled exercise at our Ottawa personal training studio is it is foundational and irreplaceable to your basic health and fitness. Good breathing endurance and heart health is built upon this. No amount of light “sweating and puffing” activity will do anything if you have a weak frame.

Skinny people suffer and die prematurely all the time from being frail. We suggest that your primary concern when it comes to exercise is becoming and staying strong.

Lift heavy and lift smart,

Andrew and Tierney

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