Special Exercise?

With the popularity of social media has come a wide variety of entertaining videos of any number of exercise exploits. We want to remind people that most of what they see is unsuitable for most people. In general you will get far better results from basic exercises performed in an intense yet controlled manner.

Not fancy but highly effective

Athletic people looking for attention can be really quite misleading both in what a fit person looks like as well as effective exercise practices. There is a huge variety of movements to choose from without having to resort to acrobatics. Remember exercise is to develop your weaknesses not show off your strengthens.

This isn’t to say you wont find inspiration in feats of physicality only that playing safe is important when lifting substantial weights. Exercise should be a form of medicine not require it to fix side-affects. As per the video below be a specialist when it comes to your strength and conditioning routine.

Exercise smart.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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