Busy isn’t always better.

How much exercise Part 3.

As alluded to in Part 1&2 if just being physically active all the time was the key to exercise people who work on their feet would be the fittest. Even a gym fanatic can’t beat 40 hours a week!

So what is going on here? Well it’s two fold, first if physical actions are not specifically directed to the individual in an “above their norm” manner no significant general adaptation is stimulated. You just get comfortable with the activities you practice over and over but your body stays pretty much the same save for a small initial bump.

The second even less known fact is that with exercise to improve your body more is usually worse not better. To exercise above your norm takes real effort what we call “intensity”. The more often you try to create this effort the more tired your body becomes. It doesn’t take long to hit the point where your effort reduces from fatigue and at that point the exercise stimulus is lost. You are just eroding you’re own efforts past that point.

Stay tuned for part 4 where we will summarize things and offer some tips!

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