How much exercise? Part 4

In a nutshell if the amount of exercise you get is so important then why aren’t all those with physical jobs obvious fitness standouts in society? The fact remains that just because your activity is physical and makes you tired does not make it “exercise”.

The key lies in two points. First too much of any repetitive activity is actually bad for your body. It causes “over use atrophy” (shrinking of the muscles) joint wear and systemic hormonal and nervous fatigue. Second, for something to be useful exercise, it must be focused like medicine. “Real exercise addresses not just your general lack of health but is most useful to fortify and improve your fundamental genetic disposition”

If you have any real desire to be fit and commit fully to a regular weekly exercise schedule then reread that last sentence above. When you fully absorb what that means and what it means to your life things will start to click.

Remember regular daily movement is important but exercise is “focused movement designed to improve your weaknesses”. Identify your various physical traits and prioritize from worst to best. Activity is doing what you feel natural and good at, exercise is doing the opposite to bring balance to your health profile.

Be well, be strong

Andrew and Tierney

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