Construction workers are not fitness guru’s…

How much exercise is right part 2.

We’re going to make claims many will initially find go totally against their viewpoint. Let us then start somewhat backwards and by analogy start pointing out obvious facts the fitness world seems to have either missed or hopes you haven’t noticed.

If running, biking, swimming etc, are exercise then why isn’t say building a shed or fixing a road? How does biking get one physically fit but installing floors doesn’t? If doing construction IS exercise the same as running or biking then:

Why aren’t construction workers, who are basically exercising 8 hours a day (way more than even the most dedicated fitness fanatic) not at the pinnacle of fitness health? Why aren’t they seen to live longer and suffer far less from disease? Why aren’t construction workers and labour’s our health hero’s?!?”

Well when you realize it’s for the same reason playing basketball won’t make you taller you are halfway to solving the mystery of getting in shape and staying in shape. Please stay tuned for part 3.

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