How much exercise is right?!

Part 1.

The answer to this question is probably not what you think. If you define exercise as anything including physical activity it gets confusing quick. Is gardening exercise, getting your groceries…no? Well then biking, running is right? How about digging a hole?

“Exercise is physical activity which improves your body and maintains it against the effects of aging”

Any old activity is good for your health because your body is designed to move regularly BUT not all can improve it let alone combat aging.

Just because you get tired, sweaty or out of breath does not mean you are remodelling your body.”

You are living during such a physically inactive point in history you might tend to consider anything that feels like it is a bit tough as exercise. Roofing isn’t exercise, digging isn’t exercise and no, sporting activities aren’t exercise…shocked? Don’t believe it?! Well please stay tuned and hopefully we can help you understand your body and exercise better!

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