New Normal

We find this catch phrase is surrounded by trepidation and anxiety. Why can’t it be an easy place to create a new start?!

How about the “new normal” being a place where taking care of ones physical health is a top priority. What’s the alternative, see how much and how long we can afford to hide and hope for the best?

Life is stress both good and bad. You can mitigate accidents and illness to a limited extent however reactionary medicine has long since reached its peak. Our health and quality of life concerns are now beyond the reach of back tracking and emergency medicine techniques. Temporary fixes and extension of low level survival is the norm (drugs and lacklustre surgical intervention).

Why don’t we accept that life got better but the random external attacks will never be avoided. Bacteria beats antibiotics, viruses mutate, lifestyle habits have serious consequences.

Our sincere wish is this is the beginning of a wake up call. Physical fitness is just a fundamental need like food, water and shelter. It is high time to be strong and stay strong don’t you think?

Best regards in health,

Andrew and Tierney

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