Muscle or Masks?

It is astounding that all the debate about COVID-19 response is around social distancing, masks and quarantine…but not strength.

Not only does strength make everything less physically, mentally and emotionally stressful in your life, the evidence of actual immune system protection and enhancement is mounting.

It is bordering on criminal that our health experts are debating 3 meters distance and mask efficiency while discussing nothing about keeping your basic body strong and fit thus your immune system intact for full protection.



We are told to hide from each other but where is the actual active and proactive advice to get and stay physically healthy?!

Our healthcare system is broken and our too little too late response to this pandemic should be a wake-up call. While you are concerned about infection and disease realize a real and reliable protection is personal strength.

Transmission of viral and bacterial infection can be slowed at best. Counting on and waiting on vaccinations is a fools game, you can start now with your muscles for wide spectrum immunity.


“Our results suggest that physiologically fit muscles might boost the innate immune response of an individual.”

“The compelling link between physical activity and the body’s defense system”

“”In our study, mice with more muscle mass were better able to cope with chronic viral infection than those whose muscles were weaker.”

“We conclude that skeletal muscle antagonizes T cell exhaustion by protecting T cell proliferative potential from inflammation and replenishing the effector T cell progeny pool in lymphoid organs.”


We are proactive health experts not damage control politicians and we implore you…be well, be strong.

Andrew and Tierney

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