More exercise or less food?

You would think because we own a personal training studio in Ottawa our bias would lean toward more exercise. This is why when people discover us they are surprised to find we recommend no more than an hour of strength training each week.

When it comes to burning off your fat stores exercise has a very specific shelf life. It isn’t a gradual thing and past a specific point more exercise slows your metabolism and increases your appetite. Any weight lost past this point actually weakens you.

It isn’t as confusing as it may seem, this is your body’s ability to avoid starvation. Your body will eat it’s own muscle tissue rather than sacrifice organs and organ function…simple short-term self-preservation.

What you need to know is it is recommended to get the equivalent of an hour of walking everyday but actual exercise as medicine should be high quality and limited quantity to avoid losing what you gain.

And yes this means that if you are getting your strength training in at least once a week and aren’t completely sedentary you need to eat less to be less overweight.

We don’t make the rules we just play to win. Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

One Reply to “More exercise or less food?”

  1. Greg Roseman says:

    Outstanding email/post. Need more advice like this. Spot on.

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