New Growth

At our Ottawa personal training studio the state of rebuilding as well as being proactive is our everyday life. This means we often forget to address the topic in public as it has become second nature.

In these chaotic times the act of rebuilding is something worth digging into. Time (aging) and life (stress) wear you down and the medicine of exercise should be designed to not only rebuild you but to get you ahead of the game. Strength lost can be regained and fortified. All of your bodies tissues, especially lean muscle, can be regenerated.

Not everyone is born physically strong and regardless everyone sees their fitness fade with time. Strength training heals this erosion and can build up extra stores for the future.

A proactive approach to your health leads to preparedness. If you live a life of continual renewal through weekly strength training you achieve a state of not only higher quality living but personal protection as well.

As we all move forward be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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