As the time to open back up our studio approaches the obvious question is “what is safe”? No one really knows and some just “feel” safer than others.

In our experience this is not unusual as some feel stronger than others and for quite a wide spectrum of reasons.

“The fact is the lockdown was never about stopping you from getting the virus but to slow the transmission to protect the healthcare system.”

Corona cold viruses make up 25 % of colds and they always spread very quickly. The concern of course being that if this virus has a significant mortality rate especially for the predisposed, it could be extremely difficult to handle for hospitals.

The fact remains if you have lost strength over the years you aren’t safe from any virus period. Underestimating the link between physical strength and your bodies immune function is a massive mistake. Do the research yourself, you can start with Dr McGuff’s latest video (linked in our last blog post). It describes one of the mechanisms very well.

Take this at face value…weakness is unsafe.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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