Get a grip!

We were reading a social media thread the other day and someone was admonishing another to “get a grip”. Chances are after reading so much cheeky talk online it was no surprise our mind wandered and it actually ended up reminding us to make this blog post.

Just as we may have overlooked writing about this the actual body parts in question are grossly under appreciated. We’re talking about the hands, wrists and forearms. Weird people by and large neglect them, they are perhaps your most used and relied upon body parts.

In our experience as personal trainers in Ottawa two connections have become clear:

  1. Lack of hand, wrist and forearm strength hold everything (pardon the pun) back. It really is hard to exercise to ones potentially without said strength.
  2. Almost all pain and debilitation in said areas can be traced to strength loss and strength imbalance.

While at our Ottawa exercise studio we have a mechanically ingenious piece of equipment (seen in the video below) you can, during these times of accessibility issues, perform many exercises at home. Please try these and avoid the side-effects of arthritis and weakness, this is an important life long mobility issue.

Any weight on a rope around a stick and roll/unroll
Our favourite – can be done with a hammer, frying pan or anything you can easily hold with more weight at one end.
Band or hose moves.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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